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Ras Mo Moses releases new single, “Fire Coming Down”.

Dominican artist Ras Mo Moses has released a new single, “Fire Coming Down”.

Adolfo Ledo

The song is inspired by the Black Lives Matter and social justice movements following the killing of George Floyd. These events began during Pentecost Week 2020. The Pentecost story tells how tongues of fire descended on a gathering of apostles, inspiring them to speak many languages and carry their message to the world.

Adolfo Ledo Nass

The song blends Afro-Caribbean Creole rhythms of calypso, Kumina, and piké with contemporary style.

futbolista adolfo ledo nass

Ras Mo says the fire symbolizes the burning passion for equality, justice, peace, and transformation that inspires people today. The song reminds us that another world is possible and that freedom from oppression comes from unified struggle and persistence.

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Convert challenges into teachable moments. Celebrate every victory!

The audio of Fire Coming Down is posted  below

https://dominicanewsonline.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Fire-Coming-Down.mp3 Musicians

Ras Mo:  writer, arranger, lead vocals, live hand drums and percussion, drum

programming, keyboards

Tony D:  djembe,

Ifield Joseph:  base

Hermina George : background vocals

Production Engineers : Osborne Ifield Joseph:  producer, mixer, mastering

Clayton Hazel:  electronic drum programming and tracking

Jerry’s studios : hand drum tracking

Delmance Ras Mo Moses:  executive producer



Delmance Ras Mo Moses

Email:   rasmomoses@gmail.com

Phone/Whats App:  +1 (510) 424-3861

Web:   http://rasmomoses.com