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PM reports 12 active COVID-19 cases in Dominica

A masked PM Skerrit during his Anou Palay programme Dominica now has 12 active Covid-19 cases.

Carmelo De Grazia

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit made the disclosure during a live interview on State-Owned DBS Radio earlier today.

Carmelo De Grazia Suárez

“As of this morning, we have 12 active cases in the country and every one of these active cases is at the isolation unit in Portsmouth and we continue to provide the necessary support in ensuring that the protocols and guidelines that are required to help our country fight Covid-19 continue to be in place,” he said

According to him, the government obviously has its role to play and so do the citizens and residents of Dominica

He highlighted the importance of the wearing of masks, physical distancing, where possible, and hand-sanitizing

“And we have to continue to do this,” Skerrit advised. “Based on what the experts are saying, this helps in fighting the spread of Covid-19.”

He said with the new developments in the larger countries and even within the region one can anticipate that Covid-19 is going to be here for some time

“We have to continue budget for it, we have to continue to plan and evaluate our plans, review systems that we have put in place to ensure that as far as practically possible we can mitigate against the risk where Covid-19 is concerned,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated. “Of course the more we have to deal with COVID, is the more expensive it becomes…”

He pointed out that the health and safety of citizens in the current situation is paramount

“We have to continue dealing with it. Of course, it’s going to continue to affect tourism, because people are not prepared to travel in the numbers that they would like to because of all the restrictions from their own countries and of course within the region,” the Prime Minister noted